What holds me now to my cross?

What part of me feels lost?

One thief dies mocking a King.

One finds some faith and believes.

What did I do to get nailed?

Where have I fallen and failed?

One thief denies any blame.

One goes to Jesus in shame.


Which will I be?

And at what heavenly cost?

We're all really thieves at the cross.

We're all really thieves at the cross.

Help me climb down from this place.

Unbind my hands with your grace.

One kept his soul in the dark.

One offered Jesus his heart.

I've made my own lonely hell.

Ran too fast, then I fell.

One couldn't hear our Lord's cries.

One heard and met paradise.


Remember me, Lord, when you come,

Into your Father's kingdom.

I promise you before this day

Is done you'll be with me to stay.


Thieves at the Cross

A Lenten Song

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